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Updates and important announcements from our staff team

We will be taking our store down sometime this week to perform some much needed refreshments and improvements. We have heard your feedback over time - and we're going to do everything that has been suggested. Some highlights:
  • Buy satchels on factions
  • Upgrade from server-specific ranks to global ranks and vice-versa (with the difference between the two accounted for)
  • Update descriptions for all packages, seeing as many of them are extremely outdated
At some point, when our website refresh rolls around (in sync with the release of XenForo 2.0) we will be integrating the store, along with enforcement/bans and other relevant pages directly into our website to make the experience more fluid and consistent. This is still a bit off, as we wait for it to release, but just a heads up.

Sorry for the delay but prison is back up and running! Thanks @TheAndroidMan ;)
My greatest apologies to all those who have attempted to come onto prison so far today, it will be up and running soon but in the mean time feel free to play some factions! Again, we will have it up and running at some point later in the day, sorry for the inconvenience.
All store packages are now 30% off!

This sale will last until April 21, at 11:59 PM.

Happy Easter!
As you may or may not have noticed, @Henry876 is no longer a part of the ULMC administration or staff teams.

As a result of a recent incident, he has been terminated from our team and permanently banned for the foreseeable future. Seeing as this is a sensitive issue, we aren't going to publicly release the details. Please do not ask staff members or other players. This is, unfortunately, not the first report we've had of this kind of misconduct, but it is the first one where we have sufficient evidence to make a competent decision over the matter.

As always, please do not hesitate to report staff misconduct directly to me. What happened here is unacceptable on so many different levels and I can assure you that we are not a haven for it.
Hello all,

It is with regret that I inform you that I will be stepping down from my position as owner, developer, and system administrator; effective April 1, 2017, at 11:59 PM EST.

@SheerAwesomeness and @Jok will be taking over the server once again. @Henry876 will be stepping down as well, as he simply cannot administrate without my presence.

I have made this difficult decision for a few key reasons:
  • I hate having all this money from donations in my PayPal account. The urge to buy some hookers with it is just too much for me to handle
  • I am actively pursuing a masters degree in social justice and I cannot wait to troll the internet, getting triggered by white male privilege
  • I am also pursuing a career in being a vape god
  • I hate you all
After my resignation, our new owners along with current staff will begin working on the upcoming release of UnleashedMC 4.20, a new era for UnleashedMC.

Thank you for nearly 3 years of great memories. Unfortunately, it is time that you all just go fuck yourselves.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this transition.
As you know, we are planning on releasing KitPvP in the near future. We are planning to add a 4th game mode as well to complete our entire set of servers, but we are unsure what to go for at this point.

We originally planned to do skyblock, but we're still uneasy about this as we're unsure if it'll get used. We are looking for your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you.
As you may have noticed, we have finally released Factions 3.0. We hope you will enjoy it!

We apologize for the long wait. A combination of many factors prevented us from releasing it to you earlier.

We'll be performing scheduled maintenance today, at around 12:30 PM EST. Should last around 30 minutes.
Today while several people were online, the server seemed to spaze out and have a hissyfit. The result was all online players had their pv's and echests cleared and were kicked to the hub.

What we have done:
  • We have disabled two plugins that may have been the cause of a memory leak
  • We refunded everyone online who had been effected
  • We are looking into any other possible causes so it does not happen again

That being said, we know who was online at the time, meaning if you lie to staff about missing items you will be quickly tempbanned with no appeal. Rule of thumb, don't lie to staff cuz we will know.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused, please accept a complimentary internet hug and smile.
*hug* :)

~ULMC Staff Team~