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Updates and important announcements from our staff team

ULMC will be whitelisted until 8/25 as we prep for the update and get things ready for you.

You may notice website downtime as well, as we move things around and make changes.

Thank you.
Hi all,

Sorry for my absence. I'm extremely busy and have many commitments right now, and ULMC is just one of many at the moment.

We are currently having issues with the RAID array on our server, resulting in many of the odd issues that you have been reporting. It's gotten to the point where the disk absolutely must be replaced, and we'll be shutting the server off in order to do this as well as a heaps of other critical maintenance that has been neglected for a while.

We hope to be pushing more updates out quickly. I'm sorry for keeping everyone waiting.

Maintenance is scheduled for tonight or on Sunday, whichever ends up working best for me.
As you all have noticed, we have dropped in player count and activity recently. This is largely due to our lack of advertising as well as updates, as everyone has been occupied with school and other activities, myself included.

We will be releasing an update around July 10th or so with the following:
  • Update to 1.12
  • Soft reset for factions and prison
  • KitPvP release is postponed until we gain more players to distribute the playerbase
  • Bug fixes
Factions will be getting an automatically resetting end and nether, as it is necessary to keep the game flowing and in order to prevent one faction from gaining too much power and becoming unraidable once they build a base way out in the end or nether.

Any suggestions you have for this update would be much appreciated. We will also be advertising after this.
As you may know, net neutrality is a vital part of telecommunications regulation in America and many countries around the world. Unfortunately, ISPs and telcos alike target and lobby to have net neutrality gimped or axed altogether, despite what their PR teams may try to tell you.

What is net neutrality? Simply put, it makes it illegal for your internet service provider to throttle or censor websites, or force you to pay for access. ISPs are not fans of this, as it prevents them from charging their customers even more than they already do. For those of you that are unaware, cable and internet package prices in America have grown at a rate 4x that of inflation, which is absolutely sickening. Despite these historic rate hikes, many Americans still do not have access to truly high speed (100+ Mbps) despite the infrastructure being in place to do so. This is due largely in part to regional monopolies and lack of competition. Some ISPs are even placing data caps on customers in order to suck more money out of them. For those of you that are unaware, high data usage literally costs your ISP $00.00. Any fees that they collect are pure profit.

With the election of Donald Trump to office also came the appointment of Ajit Pai to the position as commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC oversees ISP, telco, and other communications regulation. Pai is a former lawyer and lobbyist for Verizon Communications, which has been staunchly against net neutrality from the start. Even though Pai is no longer employed by Verizon, he still remains loyal to their ideals and their anti-consumer crusade.

As an internet-based organization, we are strongly in support of net neutrality, seeing as it keeps our business model intact and minimizes costs. Gutting net neutrality could result in throttling of our network and services, and would likely make it unfeasible to operate without large sums of money. It could also cost you, as your ISP could be allowed to force you...
A little late, but here we go:

You can now join our official Discord at

TeamSpeak is now deprecated and has been turned off permanently.

Questions? Ask! This change was due to community feedback.
Hi all,

As you may have noticed, things have slowed down a bit. Unfortunately, I'm busy in real life and many others are busy with school and other commitments.

School is out for a good majority of us by June 16th. We will be rolling updates again after that. We expect to begin advertising again by July 1st, if not earlier.

We will be conducting scheduled maintenance on Sunday, May 14th, at around 10-11 AM EST. We'll be performing software upgrades and patches to the machine, as well as in-game bug fixes and quality improvements.

Later this week, we will be shutting the TeamSpeak server off for good and permanently migrating to Discord. This has been a popular request by the community, and we're listening to you.

We will be posting a link to the channel, as well as making an easy to remember subdomain for it as well.

"If someone invites you to edit a file in Google Docs today, don’t open it — it may be spam from a phishing scheme that’s been spreading quickly this afternoon. As detailed on Reddit, the attack sends targets an emailed invitation from someone they may know, takes them to a real Google sign-in screen, then asks them to “continue to Google Docs.” But this grants permissions to a (malicious) third-party web app that’s simply been named “Google Docs,” which gives phishers access to your email and address book."

Seeing as many of you use Google accounts, and with this being very widespread, we advise you to take caution, especially with many of you using the same email for your Minecraft or forums accounts.

Be safe!
We will be taking our store down sometime this week to perform some much needed refreshments and improvements. We have heard your feedback over time - and we're going to do everything that has been suggested. Some highlights:
  • Buy satchels on factions
  • Upgrade from server-specific ranks to global ranks and vice-versa (with the difference between the two accounted for)
  • Update descriptions for all packages, seeing as many of them are extremely outdated
At some point, when our website refresh rolls around (in sync with the release of XenForo 2.0) we will be integrating the store, along with enforcement/bans and other relevant pages directly into our website to make the experience more fluid and consistent. This is still a bit off, as we wait for it to release, but just a heads up.