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Updates and important announcements from our staff team

As promised, we will be launching 3.0 tomorrow. Factions and prison will be open at launch, KitPvP will open in the weeks after, as well as Skyblock.

Factions will be a minor refresh, so there won't be much to test. Prison, on the other hand, will be more beta-ish. We will not be advertising for a few weeks, as we'd like to iron out any and all bugs first. This is a public beta/launch however, anyone is invited.
Seeing as nobody is playing it, Factions 2.0 will shut down this afternoon at 1 or 2:00 PM EST.

Factions will be getting a reset and map overhaul for 3.0. Closing the server to the public will expedite this process.
We will (hopefully) be releasing 3.0 by February 20th. This is a preliminary date, and subject to change, but we believe we should be able to meet it. We are just as anxious as you all are to finally see it in use.
We will be taking the machine completely offline at some point this week to perform several major upgrades:
  • OS upgrade
  • Internal application upgrades
  • Upgrade to Spigot 1.11.2
With the OS upgrade, you can expect the server and website to be offline for at least two hours. Once that is complete, we may or may not upgrade to 1.11.2 on the same day, but it will be done at some point this week. This will involve downtime of, again, up to 2 hours, but only for our Minecraft servers. The website will remain online.

We will post a date and time when it is convenient, but as of now, all I can say is that it will be sometime this week.
With 3.0, we'll be transitioning to a new, more secure, and more flexible version of our voting system. This is a very large change that requires a significant amount of configuration changes.

Seeing as the servers are mostly dead with school and people waiting on 3.0, we'll be taking the voting system offline for the next few days in order to completely implement our new system. We will provide an update when it is back online.
Soon. Soon my friends.

Here's some screenshots of what to expect. Credits to @SlimyMelon for all.







We're working diligently to finish our work up - we know you'll be satisfied with the final product.
We're performing some extended maintenance to fix some long-standing issues, as well as prep for 3.0.

The server will remain whitelisted until 10 AM EST.

The exploits used to bypass authentication as well as the damage caused by them will be rectified as well.
I'll keep it short:

We expect to release sometime in mid-December or early January (prison and KitPvP). We're making steady progress, but as always, we're hindered by other events outside of ULMC.

With the update, you can also expect:
  • website redesign shortly after, as XenForo 2.0 will be dropping sometime within the next 2-3 months. This requires a complete rewrite of the website theme - though we already planned to redo it at some point anyways. We'll also be reworking the site URLs and other functions to be a bit more consistent
  • a major update to Factions. In the coming weeks, we will finally be resuming bug fixes and releasing several incremental upgrades as well. Our full intentions for factions with 3.0 will be detailed sometime in the future
  • hiring new staff. We've recently retired or had a number of staff retire due to school and other obligations. We're looking to replace these people
As always, keep making suggestions. There's still time for us to implement things.
Prison 1.0/2.0 is now CLOSED while we work on 3.0. We'll be providing updates as things progress.

The plot world is now available for download. Please keep this in mind:
  • Nothing plugin-related will work, including shop signs and whatnot
  • There are many, many corrupt chunks, and you may crash your game if you travel out far enough
  • Builds here are still property of their respective authors. If you want to use someone's build somewhere else, you should be asking them beforehand
You can download the plot world here:
Prison 1.0/2.0 will be closing for good on Friday, at around 11:00 PM EST. With players being gone, we will now be able to start our plugin setup and the complete wipe of all data.

We don't really have anything special planned, but you should maybe try to blow all your cash ;). We have no ETAs for the reopening/3.0, but it'll be soon.

The entire plot world will be available for download sometime on Saturday.