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Updates and important announcements from our staff team

Prison 1.0/2.0 is now CLOSED while we work on 3.0. We'll be providing updates as things progress.

The plot world is now available for download. Please keep this in mind:
  • Nothing plugin-related will work, including shop signs and whatnot
  • There are many, many corrupt chunks, and you may crash your game if you travel out far enough
  • Builds here are still property of their respective authors. If you want to use someone's build somewhere else, you should be asking them beforehand
You can download the plot world here:
Prison 1.0/2.0 will be closing for good on Friday, at around 11:00 PM EST. With players being gone, we will now be able to start our plugin setup and the complete wipe of all data.

We don't really have anything special planned, but you should maybe try to blow all your cash ;). We have no ETAs for the reopening/3.0, but it'll be soon.

The entire plot world will be available for download sometime on Saturday.
We will be performing routine maintenance tomorrow, at 9:00 AM EST. This maintenance will last for around 30 minutes, and will involve a full machine reboot. The website will also be down for a short period of time.

This week will likely be the last of prison 1.0/2.0.
Hello everyone!

So, as you all know, 3.0 is almost here. We're planning, as you know, to overhaul pretty much everything, as well as KitPvP to be released.

The team would like to know if you would want anything additional to be added. Whether it's simple cosmetics, to a whole new idea. We're almost finished on the new map - and are simply waiting on development. We have multiple ideas, however we want to know if you guys want anything in specific to be added (to both prison and KitPvP).

Thank you so much for your patience!

If you want to ask anything to do with the upcoming updates, feel free to reply here. :]

- Youn
As we get closer to completion of building for prison, we are rapidly approaching the period where we setup and reconfigure all our plugins.

With this, like factions 2.0, we will be shutting down the production version of prison 1.0/2.0 soon. We do not have a definite date, but we feel obligated to let you know of this in advance. We will provide a definite date when available. It is near impossible to do a lot of this work with the prison server still running, so while we wish we could keep it up until the relaunch of it, it is just not feasible.

For those who are interested, we will be providing a full world download for the plot world, seeing as many of you have things you'd like to keep. The prison map and all antiquated user data will be backed up and archived, should we ever need it again, but will not be available for download.

Questions? Ask!
We have (finally) re-enabled forum emails, after a long absence of them. You should now receive notifications to watched threads, PMs, username mentions, etc. in your email inbox from If you are not receiving our emails as of now, please check your spam box.

Don't want to receive our emails? You can change your preferences here:

PLEASE NOTE: marking our emails as spam because you don't want to receive them causes issues for us and for others that receive email from us. Please, don't be lazy. Disable our emails the correct way, as shown above.
THIS IS BEING MOVED TO FRIDAY OR SATURDAY - I didn't check my schedule like a dummy, and it turns out I have something going on. Sorry!

As promised, we have rescheduled our maintenance for Thursday, September 8, between 5:45-7 PM. This should not take a very long time, as we are literally dropping and applying pre-made patches for issues. A changelog will become available after the maintenance period ends.

On another note, we are discontinuing all feature additions and further bug fixes (except for game-breaking ones) for prison, as it is simply not worth our time when 3.0 is around the corner.
Effective immediately, fishing in the plot world is now disabled. It is now just vanilla fishing.

It may be back in 3.0, but it has just been abused so heavily, it's difficult to enforce. Pools in the regular prison world are the only ones that will work from this point forward.
Some of our older domains will be expiring in about two weeks. We have zero intentions of renewing them since they are just not used anymore. Some of you may still be using them, we're not entirely sure. The basic breakdown is:
  • If you are using anything other than the domain to connect to our server, it will not work in two weeks. You need to change your server list settings to reflect this
We doubt this affects many people, but this is just for precautionary purposes.
We have ambitious plans for the future, and it is now time that we give you some basic details of what we're working on right now.

The next big and likely final large update before we transition to incremental/rolling releases will be 3.0. We have a lot of things planned, but this update is primarily geared toward prison.


  • New map, complete and total reset (including stats, plots, etc.). You will not take anything with you (besides donor ranks)
    • Users beyond a certain prestige right now will receive a starter pack at the reset
  • Mine rework - 1.9 and 1.10 blocks will finally be added
  • Economy rework - the economy is a complete mess and is going to be rebuilt and rethought from the ground up
  • Elytra courses in addition to parkours
  • New fishing rods for all satchel types
  • Hunger is being added (finally)
  • We are looking to make PvP a more prominent aspect this time around
  • We're looking to bring back catacombs, for those of you that remember it, as well as some other smaller ways to grind skills and earn rewards
  • Additional prestiges (we're still debating this)
  • We will finally allow you to reset yourself to A rank at any time, should you choose to start fresh
  • Player health under nametags
  • A story line and objective-based gameplay, rather than just running through ranks as quickly as you can
  • Satchel upgrades and reworking
  • Many other features that are still TBA or TBD
  • World border increase (we may actually do this before 3.0, we have yet to decide)
  • Additional classes that are geared toward farming, raiding, etc. besides PvP
  • We'll be adding crates back, in a much better form this time (again, possibly sooner)
  • We will be focusing primarily on fixing AAC with a lot of the plugins
  • The prefixes plugin will (finally) be upgraded from our legacy version to the same version as prison - this will bring prefixes for...