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Updates and important announcements from our staff team

Okay. Hi.

For any of you people who have not used discord before, go check it out (just search for discord and you will find it). It is kind of like Teamspeak - it has channels for people to talk in and is a sort of drop in drop out kind of voice service. It also has the chat capabilities of Skype, allowing us to have our staff chats and any other necessary group chats. I am proposing that we move alot of our services over to discord because, tbh, it is much simpler to use than Skype or Teamspeak and would greatly increase the efficiency of the server.

What is this service going to offer?
  • Staff chats which allows for the staff team to keep up to date with projects on a service which doesn't crash my pc every twelve seconds.
  • Donator only chat room to allow for our veterans to have some top quality banter.
  • Chat room to be able to report bugs to our devs and get instant feedback on them
  • General and server specific chat rooms to be able to keep up with events and other server related stuff.
  • Private message function without having to add anyone to talk to our staff, including myself, whenever you need it.
  • A free mobile app unlike Teamspeak
  • The ability to join without downloading any software whatsoever (I recommend downloading their client though, it run in the background like Teamspeak but allows a lot more features than the browser version)
  • A voice chat client which will not go down when the server is restarted or goes down.
So, to get involved with this discord thingy, all you have to do is click on this link (, and then join the appropriate channel (any profane nicknames will just get banned, and please set your name to something like your in game name). It will redirect you to their website and while you are there I recommend downloading their client.

Thanks for this, it will make us interacting with you guys a hell of a lot easier. Any questions, PM me!
Rescheduled. We'll announce a new date and time soon.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on August 19, 2016, at 11:00 AM EST.

The primary focus of this maintenance will be, again, to fix more issues with the factions server. We're hoping to:
  • Make satchels less OP
  • Resolve a good majority of the issues with AAC and classes
  • Re-implement player vaults
  • Fix other long-standing issues
The maintenance will last at least one hour. This will affect the factions server only.
Minor announcement, but class kits are finally back. They are mostly the same as they originally were, with some minor buffing and enhancements.

We've also fixed a number of shop bugs and exploits:
  • Blaze spawners are now worth less than golem spawners
  • Iron ingots are worth more than blaze rods and powder
  • Both ingots and blaze rods received a price bump
  • We have added additional blocks to the second page of block selling, to match the second page of block buying
  • Bone block and bone meal prices adjusted
  • Enderchest buying and selling should now only be 1 at a time, rather than a full stack. Resolves exploit with obsidian, as well as making it more realistic
EDIT: We've resolved even more issues:
  • You'll no longer get kicked for using immolation
  • /fix all is back for titans, but has a cooldown of 12 hours now
  • Additional set homes for donors are back! Non-donors now get 3, as only one was ridiculous
  • The potion sell shop is now completely fixed, and should give the proper amounts of cash
We are now working on the following:
  • Token shop
  • Crates
We expect to launch token shop within the next day or two, with crates coming after that.
Due to recent events, we have decided to amend our Community Guidelines to address specific gray areas and clarify others. We have added/removed and changed the following:
  • Removed the monopoly and tax language entirely, as it is no longer required
  • Clarified the bullying and suicide encouragement sections (in short, context matters now)
  • Clarified rules regarding AFK on factions and prison
    • In short, AFKing on factions is actively discouraged and automatically regulated, but not banned entirely
    • AFKing on prison is allowed for farming and other activities, but again, regulated by a plugin. AFK fishing in itself is banned entirely and action will be taken
  • Excessive ASCII art is now categorized as spam and will be treated as such
  • Scamming in-game is no longer banned. We provide you with more than enough tools to prevent scamming, there is no excuse for it to happen anymore. Donation scamming involving real currency still remains banned, however
  • General formatting and grammar enhancements
We are actively looking to make our rules as clear as possible with zero gray areas, and this update is intended to fix a lot of that. Please let us know if you feel that other rules need to be clarified, updated, or added.

These new guidelines are effective on August 13, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST.
It's here! A little late, but after some careful deliberation, we have finalized the build competition winners:
  1. @TheAdventurerMM ($30 coupon, $25k on factions, $500 million on prison)
  2. @_Elf ($20 coupon, $15k on factions, $250 million on prison)
  3. @JinxFate and @auzziman for a tie ($10 coupon, $10k on factions, $100 million on prison)
We opted to just do an internal vote, considering there weren't enough good entries to have a drawn-out community vote.

With permission from the winners, their builds will be featured in one of our upcoming releases. Otherwise, please congratulate them all, and we hope they enjoy their prizes!
The maintenance took a while, but this should be almost 100% bug free as a result. We have added:
  • Hunger
  • Satchels
  • Kits
We are planning to increase money payouts for satchels later tonight.

On another note, the build competition is now over. We will be releasing the winners tomorrow.
We'll be performing maintenance at around 11 AM EST. During this time we will:
  • Be fixing the hunger bug, as we have (finally) found the root cause of it
  • Fixing some bugs with AAC
  • Finally, reimplementing satchels and kits
We expect this to take around 30 minutes.

Don't forget: the build competition ends today, at 5:00 PM EST.
We held a maintenance session tonight that lasted a couple hours. Here's what we fixed:
  • We have finally resolved an issue that caused class levels to reset to 0, class selection to reset on login, and more notably, extreme lag for some players under certain circumstances
  • Death messages now show for PvP
  • Obsidian destruction now works in factions with zero players online (offline explosions). Creeper eggs and other explosions (should?) work too, report to us if they do not
  • We have the files in place for the release of the revamped satchels and kits sometime tomorrow. We'll be holding a brief initial beta test to see if there are any major complaints and/or issues
  • We have added an ore obfuscator to factions to prevent x-ray hacking. Please report any issues that you find with this.
  • We have added AAC back, as it is now working again. This applies to all servers after tonight's restart at 3:30 AM EST
  • We fixed a number of shop bugs, issues, and exploits
  • The /r and /msg bugs should now (finally) be resolved. These take effect after the restart
As we continue to fix the last sets of more major bugs, we will begin to release more features that have been requested by the community.

On an additional note, we'll be releasing an updated version of our ToS and rules today.

Please report any additional bugs or issues that you find.

Thank you.
Our build competition server is now LIVE. You can access it with /server events.

Competition start: August 6, 2016, 4:00 PM EST
Competition end: August 10, 2016, 5:00 PM EST

Do what you want! Anything that showcases your building abilities is good for us. Some suggestions:
  • A new PvP or MineParty mine ;)
  • Houses (we could actually use these, we'd love to feature you on our upcoming releases)
The winner of the competition will receive a $30 donation coupon, as well as $25,000 on Factions, and $500 million on prison.

  • Quality of the build
  • Consistency (same style, etc.)
  • Originality
A community vote will be held for the best plot, after an initial vote by staff to pick the top 10 entries.

  • You can have a max of two plots. Collaboration is allowed, but keep in mind, rewards WILL BE SPLIT if multiple people are contributing. For example, if there are two of you, you would each get a $15 coupon rather than $30
  • Make an actual effort. Building a gigantic dick or something else on your plot will just get you disqualified
  • When the competition is over, it's over. No additional time will be given, so use it wisely!
All other global rules apply as well.
So, I made a refer command on factions, you do /refer and then give your friend your disc. They do /refera holding your disc and you get a token. For those of you who don't understand that. I made a short video to explain ^.^