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So a lot of you have been wondering what is happening to kits. I'll be explaining.

Kits will be back. They will be changed slightly.

Donor kits will be nerfed. We don't want a server that has people scared off by OP kits.

If you haven't seen the kits, you shouldn't be complaining! There are a grand total of 3 people who have actually seen parts of the kits thus far. We're working hard to make these as balanced as possible, while still giving you what you paid for. You may express your concerns after they are released, but until then, the complaining and moaning needs to stop. It has become ridiculous.

  • What will be changed in the new donator kits?
    • The armour and some tools will be nerfed. We may increase Eggs/Pearls/Obsidian/TNT/Minerals.
  • What will the new class kits be?
    • We're thinking about buffing the minerals, pearls, and obsidian. We are thinking of nerfing the armour too. But nothing is for sure. They'll most likely stay the same.
  • That's not what I paid for!!!
    • "UnleashedMC staff reserve the right to revoke packages and ranks associated with your account (if purchased) at any time for any reason. Purchase of packages or ranks from the UnleashedMC store does not grant immunity to action being taken against your account, and you are still bound by the rules and guidelines for a regular player.

      We reserve the right to change the perks and items associated with a package at any time, with or without notice. We also reserve the right to revoke a package and its perks from the store and from anyone who has purchased it.

      You may terminate this agreement at any time. Refunds will not be issued as per our refund policy found below. If you so choose to terminate this agreement, all packages and purchases associated with your account will be...
Scheduled maintenance has been completed. Highlights:
  • Scheduled restarts shouldn't take so long anymore
  • Everyone can now use /trash (FACTIONS ONLY, this will come to prison in the near future)
  • We are confident that we have resolved all exploits and issues with /shop on factions. Many items received a buff or nerf
  • Enderpearls are now available for bulk sell on factions
  • Reset some balances on factions, as they were obviously exploited
  • Chorus Fruit is now completely disabled on factions. You can mine it, but you cannot pick it up nor consume it. This was removed due to how overpowered it is.
  • Factions should no longer crash every couple of hours
  • Major memory leak fixes across the entire server
  • /bminfo finally works again. This required an entire reset of the bans database, so if a player has not joined after now, their /bminfo will not show up. Old players will remain banned, but info just will not be available
  • Hub no longer sets you as AFK. This just became obnoxious
  • Major backend improvements
  • Many other misc. fixes
Please report any issues that you come across.
We're now down for maintenance. This will last for 1-2 hours.

EDIT: Yes, the server is turned off. This is completely intentional and is required for the work that we are doing.
Moved to sometime tomorrow morning... since I seem to be too busy all the time (Aug 3)


We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Monday, August 1st, between 3-5 PM EST. The maintenance will last for about an hour.

We will be fixing a number of issues across servers. Please report bugs now so that we can get them patched by then.

We will be holding a build competition that commences after the maintenance on Monday, and will last until Thursday. More details about the competition will be released on Monday.
Most, if not all, issues should be resolved.

Have fun, report any bugs you find.
Yes, for real this time. We fixed the first join bug that basically broke the game. Terrible timing, I know.

10 AM EST. Be ready.
I don't have time to make some super nice post. Known issues:
  • Satchels borked (fixing tonight)
  • /wild does not work (fixing tonight)
Have fun.
I apologize for misleading some of you and saying it'd be Monday or Tuesday. We've been forced to push back the date to tomorrow due to some unforeseen bugs that we simply can't open it with.

Tomorrow's date is guaranteed, as these bugs will most definitely be fixed by then. We have literally everything ready for you, with the exception of those bugs.

There are two time frames:
  • 8 AM EST - 1 PM EST
  • 8 PM EST - 11 PM EST
We are hoping for the morning timeframe.

Thank you.
We had a minor issue today that resulted in the deletion of the plugins folder on our server. Thankfully, we keep backups, but our most recent was a bit out of date (around 72 hours ago).

For anyone that was ONLINE when this occurred: you have been refunded, as I'm sure you can see.

For anyone that was OFFLINE when this occurred: we will refund you accordingly. You must reply to this thread with your name and (if applicable) your rank. We will be handing out $1 billion apiece to each of you.

We, thankfully, didn't lose too much since a lot of our data is stored on our SQL server. The following were rolled back, anything not listed here will be the same as the last time you logged in:
  • Balances
  • Donor ranks
  • Certain rankups
  • Player vaults
  • Auctions
We will not be doing individual item refunds, due to the amount of time it would take to do. The money you will receive should make up for most of what was lost.

This was a freak accident and would've never normally happened, however, today just... didn't go right. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and this should hopefully not affect too many people.

If you have concerns, message me or post here.
We had a short, unplanned maintenance period that lasted about an hour. The server is now online once again.

We made some performance improvements, squashed bugs, and prepped some of our system for future updates.