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  1. Shirosetsu

    Donation gone wrong- (oOps)

    1. In game name: Shirokey 2. Date: 11/20/2020 3. Give as much detailed information as you can of what we can help you with: I don't recall putting in my username in hindsight and I bought 4x OP Satchel 4. Post any videos or pictures if needed:
  2. Shirosetsu

    Previous Rank Re-Instatement

    Your IGN: Shirokey Your Rank: ✨Titan✨ Any names you had previous to the server coming back online: ShiroyukiSeto, ShiKido, Shirokey, Shirosetsu (I have a pre-occupation with Shiro. )
  3. Shirosetsu

    What's the Discord?

    I was looking at the helper applications, and it mentions that one must be part of the discord. But there's no link to the discord here, so I was wondering how I could find it.
  4. Shirosetsu


    My name is Shiro. I haven't played ULMC for what feels like a year or two. Boooo, but I'm coming back now that I know that it's up again!