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Builder Application Requirements

1. Must be at least 16yrs of age or older.

2. Must have never been banned on ULMC.

3. Must have working headset for staff meetings.

4. Must be signed up with ULMC's discord page.

5. Must be a current member of our forums page.

Builder Application Template

1. Minecraft Username:

2. Age:

3. Time Zone:

4. How much time can you dedicate to the server?

5. Have you ever been banned or punished by any server in the past?

6. Do you have any previous experience as staff on another server? If so, how long were you a staff member for, what kind of server/popularity, and what was your role?

7. Please list any building skills that you excel in.

(Terra-forming, interior design, exterior design, landscapes, etc.)

8. List any qualities that you feel would make you a good fit to the current ULMC team.

(Explain in detail of any experience you had working for a team, not restricted to Minecraft. If you have had experience, describe a time where your ability to work as a team was put to the test and how you overcame it.)

9. Please include below some pictures of your previous builds and go into detail explaining what they are if they are not evident.

10. After you have been selected from the application process, you will be required to demonstrate your skills in game by means of a builder trial. Your application will be accepted or denied after the builder trial is completed.

(Please ensure you have at least an hour to complete said builder trail. You will be asked to perform a builder trail via discord by a staff member.)

All Applications will be reviewed by our administrators and we will get back to as soon as we are able to!

Any ?'s feel free to contact these staff members in private chat with your ?'s:

@Lost_Player_1 @KristyLynn @MrLight

We look forward to looking over your applications and best of luck!

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