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GMT +1

How much time can you dedicate to the server?
This really depends on how I am working IRL. Right - because of the COVID-19 Virus - I can dedicate a lot of time into Plugin Development. A rough estimate would be around 2 - 4h daily, often more but not less.

Do you have any previous experience developing for another server? Please explain.
Yes. I have worked on a few servers beforehand aswell. Sadly none of them turned out to be a success because of insufficient financial support and sometimes leadership problems aswell. On the various servers I have worked on, I most always was responsible for Spigot / BungeeCord Plugin Development.

List any qualities that would make you stand out from others who are applying for developer.
I have around 5 - 6 years of hobby Java experience, aswell as some basic knowledge of the C++ and C# language. My experience field also covers BungeeCord / Forge development, as well as alot of different APIs for various systems (including but not limited to Discord (Bots), TeamSpeak (Bots)). Of course I also am very familiar with SQLs like NoSQL (MongoDB) aswell as MySQL.

List any qualities that you feel that would make you a good fit to the current ULMC team. (Explain in detail of any experience you had working for a team. If you have had experience working as a team describe some of your background you have had working as a team.)
I like working in a team, as long as it is a functioning team. In my past when I was working for a few servers where we didn't really have a team. We had an owner, a few standalone Supporters and Moderators. The owner/s and I were practically the only people who communicated with one another on a rather daily basis.
On the other hand, I was also in a few amazing teams where I have found some friends with whom I still am playing games / talking regularly to to this day. These teams, while rare, still existed and I had an amazing time in them. Although, sadly, none of the servers really succeeded since the owners ran out of money for sustaining the server.

Please provide a link to any source code or portfolios to plugins you may have created in the past.
Below are the links to some of the plugins I have created. Since I am Austrian, all the strings used for User-Display are in German. Also, some old plugins are in there so please don't mind the somewhat messy code.
All of the projects are in my GitHub.

GitHub link: Click here

Projects available in there:
- 1vs2 (1vs1 but a second version of it - 4 year old plugin but I still like it because that was my first gamemode I had written alone)
- ClanSystem (basic Clan System for BungeeCord - like a year old - package sais "mysql" but there is MongoDB code inside)
- McFlux LobbySystem (LobbySystem for a server I used to program for - my newest and largest plugin in this list, its still about half a year old though)

Of course these are not all the plugins I have written but these are some of my favourites.



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Are you available via discord? I would like to talk with you if that is alright with you. Please add me on discord Kristy#8464 and I look forward to talking with you.