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Hello I am Squishh!.

1. Minecraft User Name: My username for Minecraft is SquishhKB
2. Age: I am 20 years old and ready to help
3. Time Zone: My time zone follows the Eastern time zone period
4. How much time can you dedicate to the server? As of quarantine, I can donate any time to this server. Otherwise, I would have a daytime job and my availability would go down to about two days a week.
5. Have you ever been banned or punished by any server in the past? During my time on this server I have not been banned
6. Do you have any previous experience as staff on another server? If so when, where and what was your role? I have had Experience as staff on two previous servers. I was Moderator and helped them build cornerstones that are needed for player use (warps, spawns)
7. List any qualities that would make you stand out from others who are applying for helper. Some qualities that would stand me out personally is my experience on Minecraft itself and with most of the plugins needed. I also like to believe I have a mature mindset going forward. I would want nothing more than to help this server grown again as it was once before.
(Explain in detail your qualities that would make you stand out from others.)

8. List any qualities that you feel that would make you a good fit to the current ULMC team.

(Explain in detail of any experience you had working for a team. If you have had experience working as a team describe some of your background you have had working as a team.)

Some good qualities i have is Determination, creativity and a great level of Discernment/Maturity.

9. Chat can become toxic at times and as staff it is our job to manage it.
(Explain in detail ways you will be able to help with toxic chat. Provide examples of how you would deal with a player who is becoming super toxic in chat.) (Keep in mind even though you may not have the perms to ban this person, what steps would you take if it got out of control?)

For Example, If at any point the chat became too toxic, I would do my best to hand the situation professionally. That would mean I'd listen, pay attention, and use good judgment. If in the moment I do not have the necessary resources to fix the situation myself, I would immediately alert other staff members with adequate permissions to handle the problem accordingly. Otherwise, after given warnings, I seek approval (unless pre-authorized) to deliver punishments as needed.



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Declined due to the server being under maintenance. I recommend waiting until the server is at a ready state for helpers to be needed. Feel free to copy and paste this application with minor edits of updated information at a later date if need be due to the circumstances. As always thanks you for your time and feel free to dm me with any questions.We hope to see you soon.;)
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