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1. Minecraft username: BADHORSETTV

2. Age: 16 (Birthday: December 24, 2003)

3. Time zone: Pacific Standard Time

4. How much time can you dedicate to the server?
I am able to dedicate a lot of my time on the weekends and most nights on weekdays for a good chunk of time.

5. Have you ever been banned or punished by any server in the past?
I have not been banned/punished from ULMC nor any other server.

6. Do you have any other experience as staff on any other server?
I have experience with administration including roles in Co-Owner, Helper, and Owner. I have minor experience in java coding as well in Eclipse IDE. (I also have reported a couple of bugs on ULMC but not as staff)

7. List any qualities that would make you stand out from others who are applying for a helper.
I have a lot of experience with business, so I know how to resolve issues and provide good customer service to people when needed.

8. List any qualities that you feel would make you a good fit for the current ULMC team.
Following my business experience, I feel that a good work ethic with good service to players whenever they need it, and good listening skills when other team members talk to you is a great quality that I like to perform. I also think that you should be willing to take extra steps to make the community/environment better for players and staff(Example: If another staff member is trying to get something done, I would offer them my assistance if I am not busy and have nothing else to do.)

9. Chat can become toxic at times and as staff, it is our job to manage it. Explain how you would solve the problem.
If I see that the chat is getting a bit too out of hand, I would step in and try to de-escalate the issue by seeking out the issue is and finding the best possible solution to fix the issue. If the problem persists I will quickly contact another staff member that I think would be able to assess and revise the issue.

Thank you for reading my application, and I am excited to join the ULMC team,
Kayden Buchanan
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Currently we have a small player base and are not looking at hiring anyone at the current moment. I will though keep this up for a bit so other staff can comment. Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our staff team.