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Hello, and welcome to my application for ULMC Helper! Any feedback is welcome, and I greatly appreciate your support! :)

1.) What is my Minecraft IGN?

My IGN is Silver_Official, and I just go by Silver.

2.) What is my age?

I am 22 years old.

3.) What is my Time Zone?

I live in the U.S. Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST).

4.) How much time can I dedicate to the server?

These are my current available times that I can dedicate towards the server:

Monday: 9A - 12P, and 7P - 12A (8 hours)
Tuesday - Thursday: 2P - 12A (10 hours)
Friday: 12:30P - 1:30P, and 7P - 12A (6 hours)
Saturday & Sunday: 10A - 1:30P, and 7P - 12A (8.5 hours)

On a current normal week, I estimate that I can dedicate ~32.5 hours. This number, as well as the times listed, are subject to change due to my current work and upcoming school and work situations. I also can notify the staff team if I will be unavailable during the times listed.

5.) Have you ever been banned or punished by any server in the past?

I was wrongly punished on one server (staff demotion and server warned by an Admin) for defending a then-staff member from discrimination due to their sexual identification and preferences.

6.) Do I have any previous staff experience? If so, when, where, and what were my roles?

Current Staff Experience:

NanakiCraft: Senior Administrator and Staff Manager (2019 - Present)

- Responsible for updating roles and responsibilities of all staff and (exception of Owner) on the server, the server's Discord, and forums
- Responsible for creating, updating, and removing rules and regulations as see fit by the Owner
- Responsible for overseeing the Building and Dev teams on projects
- Head of the Escalation Team for player-player, player-staff and staff-staff conflicts

Previous Staff Experience:

NanakiCraft: Moderator (2016 - 2018)
SkyRaptor (SB Server): Moderator (2015), Administrator (2016 - 2017)
NoobCraftPvP: Helper & Moderator (2015), Administrator (2016)
DesiredCraft: Hunger Games Moderator (2017) *Fun Fact: this is where I met Akagodai, the legend who introduced me to ULMC :D*
Imperial Network: Survival Helper (2017)
AriCraft (Survival Eco): Moderator & Administrator (2017)

7.) List any qualities that would make me stand out from others.

- My type of leadership style is Servant Leadership. I like to be a good example to others, and I like to lift others up while I'm leading and support them.
- I am a huge
critical thinker. I like to stop and take the time to analyze situations, weigh out available options, receive feedback from others, and then execute.
- My personality type is
INFJ, the rarest personality type. The best way I can describe myself is an extrovert living in an introvert's mindset: I love getting to know people, but I'm very shy and uncomfortable when it comes to actually doing so.
- I enjoy working in team settings, but I am also well-capable of working by myself.
- I strive to always be honest and transparent, as well as seeking constant self-improvement. I am always open for feedback, from personal to professional development.
- I am a
ULMC loyalist and supporter. I played on the server back in 2016, and ULMC sat in my server list since then. (I'm super happy we're back up and running!)

8.) List any qualities that I feel that would make me a good fit to the current ULMC team.

I have listed several of my top qualities in Question 7, such as my leadership style, being a natural critical thinker, flexibility in solo/team work environments, and always looking to build upon and improve my professionalism. I also have 5+ years of Moderation, Administration, and Management experience within Minecraft servers, and I have listed all staff experiences in Question 6.

9.) Chat can become toxic at times. How could I help out, and what steps would I take?

If conflicts arise, I prefer to clear the matter up in a polite, professional manner. First, I will firmly, but politely ask the instigator(s) to stop doing what they're doing in chat. If they don't comply, I will give one verbal warning. If the instigator(s) fail to adhere, then I will resort to a server warning, then escalate should they not comply, to a temp mute, then a permanent mute (if Helper has that permission). If for some reason the instigator(s) continue to go on beyond a temp/permanent mute, then I will escalate the situation to a Moderator for a potential ban punishment.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my application! Again, all feedback is welcome! :)
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Do you have any alt accounts you have used in the past on ULMC?
The account I'm using now is technically my alt. I deleted my original account, "5ILV3R", due to privacy/security reasons several years back, after the account was hacked. I have tried multiple times in the past to recover that account, but according to Mojang, because there is no longer any proof of purchase and financial information used to pay for the account, there is no way that account can be retrieved. I had Elite on that account, and requested that donor rank to be transferred to what I'm using now. Lost banned 5ILV3R after the rank was transferred.

I did have another alt account, however that account never entered ULMC, and that account was also deleted.

Old Account: 5ILV3R | Minecraft Profile | NameMC
Current Account: Silver_Official | Minecraft Profile | NameMC
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