Unholy amounts of Suggestions


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1. In game name: ZackIsTheDevil
2. Date: 11Nov2020
3. Please give a detailed description of what your suggesting: Many thing involving The forums and Things In game

1. You should add Event Oriented trees to chopping and nice rewards from them ;p so for example like Halloween have a spooky tree and Christmas have a Christmas tree and Easter have a Easter tree and New years have a New years fireworks tree.
2. On forums add Templates for every thread so people know what to fill in or for future reference so people wont get confused!!!!
3. When thanksgiving comes around crops sell for a higher rate? because thanksgiving is a bountiful harvest!!!!! :D
4. Christmas or New Years add an item I think it was on here was a kit to make an npc that looked like you and couldn't moved should make a it a drop if you do theme oriented trees just sayin
5. Every year that goes by add a special item that people can get by getting a kit that says they celebrated New Years Eve of that year :D
6. Advertise my shop so I can make hell :3
7. Instead of making it so Titans on open shops at Legend price make it people of their rank can only sell it for a % of their own price like titan can only sell for 90%-85% of the original price because dropping prices that low I'm a bit iffy about it I know the percentage increase from legend to titan and I did the math