Community Guidelines

Rules and guidelines that govern our community and servers

UnleashedMC is not affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB, or Microsoft Corporation.

Usage of our servers, forums, and TeamSpeak automatically bind you to the guidelines found below, whether you have read them or not. ULMC staff reserve the right to take any action deemed necessary against a player's account, in accordance with these guidelines. Our community guidelines may be updated at any time, with or without notice.

If you have a question regarding these guidelines, ask. "It doesn't say it in the rules" is not a valid excuse for doing something stupid, and not reading and knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

  • Links to porn or extremely graphic content are not permitted.
  • Topics that contain inappropriate content must be tagged as NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
  • Don't spam. This includes garbage posts like "xD", "lol so true" ":)", or anything that contributes nothing to the conversation
  • Racial and/or sexual slurs are not acceptable
  • Do not harass other members via private message or posts
  • Use common sense
  • Stay on topic
  • Do not advertise other servers or commercial services. This includes usage of affiliate links
Please report content that violates these guidelines by using the Report button found in the lower right corner of every post.

We allow swearing, limited graphic content, and stuff that isn't too sexual. Why? Because we don't want to put limits on you. Randomly posting these kinds of things is not acceptable, but if it's in context, it is permitted. Posting this content with the intent of aiming or referencing it at another member is not acceptable.

  • Do not abuse bugs or exploits
  • Respect other players
  • Racial and/or sexual slurs are not acceptable
  • Don't spam. This includes ASCII art and general character spam
  • Keep caps to a minimum
  • Do Not Talk Like This
  • English is the only language that is permitted in the main chat. Other languages should be used in private messages
  • Hacked clients are not permitted, nor are x-ray mods or x-ray texturepacks. Mods like OptiFine, as well as minimaps are permitted
  • Swearing is allowed, but keep it within reason
  • Do not advertise other server via public chat or private message
  • Do not hound administrators or moderators
  • Use common sense
  • Do not pester donors for items
  • Do not ask for ranks
  • Do not harass other users (includes spamming via private message, etc.)
  • Usage of alternate accounts to bypass any action taken against your account or to artificially inflate statistics (rankups, parkour, etc.) is strictly prohibited, and will result in a permanent ban of both accounts
  • Donation scamming involving real currency will result in a permanent ban. General scamming in-game that does not involve real currency is ALLOWED. We provide a variety of avenues for you to not get scammed, and we simply cannot take responsibility for neglect on your part
In chat matters, context matters. Telling someone to kill themselves and telling your friend the same thing in a joking manner are two completely separate things. This will be taken into account when decisions are made.

  • Teleport trapping is allowed
  • Griefing and raiding are permitted
  • We take steps to prevent extreme AFK grinding and farming, but it is not disallowed entirely
  • Plot griefing is permitted. Be careful of who you add to your plot
  • AFK farming and AFK fishing are not allowed.


UnleashedMC staff reserve the right to revoke packages and ranks associated with your account (if purchased) at any time for any reason. Purchase of packages or ranks from the UnleashedMC store does not grant immunity to action being taken against your account, and you are still bound by the rules and guidelines for a regular player.

We reserve the right to change the perks and items associated with a package at any time, with or without notice. We also reserve the right to revoke a package and its perks from the store and from anyone who has purchased it.

You may terminate this agreement at any time. Refunds will not be issued as per our refund policy found below. If you so choose to terminate this agreement, all packages and purchases associated with your account will be permanently removed.

Since the items and ranks you receive when purchasing a package are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict no refund policy. Once you make a purchase, there is no going back.

Filing a chargeback will result in the removal of all ranks and purchases associated with a player, and a permanent ban from the UnleashedMC website, server, and all other services associated with us.

By making a purchase on our store, you are automatically agreeing to these Terms of Service, whether or not you have viewed them.

Staff are tasked with keeping the community in-check. With that, action is taken for violation of these guidelines. Repercussions for the above are clearly defined below, though for special circumstances, they may be altered at the discretion of staff members.

Warnings are issued for minor offenses. Effective January 26, 2016, verbal warnings will no longer be given out. The points associated with warnings expire after 20 days (after which, they won't count toward your overall point total), but the warnings still remain. Permanent warnings may be issued on rare occasion, which stay forever and do not expire. The actions below are taken automatically at certain point milestones:
  • 2 points: kick from server
  • 3 points: temporary mute for 20 minutes
  • 4 points: temporary ban for 2 days
  • 6 points: temporary ban for 5 days
  • 9 points: temporary ban for 15 days
  • 12 points: temporary ban for 30 days
  • 15 points: permanent ban
Each warning is worth a single point, but warnings worth more than one point may be issued in special circumstances.

The following offenses are worthy of warnings (single point with expiration after 20 days):
  • Chat spam (random, meaningless messages that serve no purpose other than to annoy, excessive repeat of the same message, etc.)
  • Excessive use of caps in messages
  • Disrespect toward other players or staff
  • Excessive swearing
  • Links to pornographic or illegal content (discretion, may be worth more than one point depending on type of links)
  • Asking for ranks or items
  • Building in prison mines (discretion)
  • Inappropriate comments
  • Any other minor offense that violates our community guidelines
  • Non-modded instances of AFK fishing
This is up to staff members. There are no guidelines nor certain things that will earn an immediate kick.

Players will be immediately muted for the following offenses:
  • Racial and/or sexual slurs (30 mins. at minimum, immediate with no initial warning)
  • Excessive chat spam (spamming random words, etc.) (10 min. mute to start after one warning)
  • Excessive caps (more than one warning issued) (5-10 min. mute to start after one warning)
  • Excessive swearing (10 min. mute after one warning)
  • Disrespect toward other players (10 min. mute after first warning)
  • Any other chat offenses listed above (discretion-based, 10. min mute to start after first warning, with more added if necessary)
  • Building in prison mines (discretion, for minor builds)
Players may be temporarily banned for the following:
  • Racial/sexual slurs (one day ban after first warning and one mute)
  • Disrespect toward players or staff (5-12 hr. ban after one warning and one mute)
  • Chat spam (caps, etc.): 2 hrs. after one warning and one mute
  • Illegal or obscene content (discretion)
  • Building in prison mines (discretion, but reserved for more inappropriate builds, 48 hour max)
  • Abuse of bugs or exploits (5-10 day ban for first offense, for medium/minor exploits)
  • Hacked clients (first offense is a 7 day ban, second is 14) (includes AFK fishing mods)
  • After an initial warning, anyone using AFK fishers will receive a 2-3 day temp ban, with that punishment doubling after the initial offense
  • All other offenses: 12-24 hr. temp ban after at least one warning and one mute (for chat offenses). For other situations where a mute is not appropriate, 12-24 hour temp ban after two warnings
Permanent bans will be issued for the following:
  • Advertisement of other servers (immediate, not appealable)
  • Donation scamming or anything involving scamming with real money (immediate, appealable)
  • Illegal or obscene content (discretion)
  • Repeat cases of refusing to listen to staff members or fix behavior after multiple other punishments being issued. (discretion, usually decided by administrators)
  • Abuse of bugs or exploits (anything game-breaking or that has an extreme negative effect on the server or extreme gain for the player) (appealable)
  • Hacked clients (permanent after an initial 7 and 14 day ban)
  • Threats against the server or players (DDoS, etc.) (immediate)
  • Telling another member to kill themselves or commit suicide (immediate)

These guidelines were updated on July 30th, 2018