basket in the pvpmine is a fat no-go


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just got my nutsack handed to me by a prepubescent because i gave him a good stare from the balloon basket you enter when you type /warp pvpmine. ms kristy told me to make a report on it, and that's precisely what im doing now. however, i refuse to use the proper format, because i'm an edgy teenager that does not care about the rules. fix it or don't fix it, i dont care. i dont care about anything because everyone dies in the end. honestly, if you care about a single thing in this world you're obviously not an intellectual like me, but whatever. ignorance is bliss, sheeple. maga



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Unfortunately when you do /warp pvpmine you are in pvp mode. We changed all the warps so they would say /warp pvpballon ect.. but since the restart they have gone back to the way they where before.. This issue has been brought to admin's attention and should be fixed relatively soon.