Blaze Powder


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In prison, I brew a lot of potions and blaze powder is definately way too hard to get. I know that when parkour rewards are fixed, you will be able to get blaze powder by completing parkours, but that is only a one time reward. Since I brew a lot of potions, getting a stack of blaze powder once isn't going to last me very long. I think there should be an easier way to get blaze powder, maybe something like a blaze grinder or a shop where you could buy blaze powder, or have the nether enabled with a claiming system.
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well say one player sets up a shop at thier plot at elite rank for elite prices and they get people to sell that tree drop item to them, that elite can take them item and sell it to another titan shop now that player has thier sellers and your sales plus who know other peoples shops... see what im getting at?


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If you do it through auc or private sales you can... So far there's no rule against it, but ONLY because it's not something super large or easy to get.

Aka: Buying beacons or slimes above titan would easily cause economy issues. But blaze rods are hard to get and not worth a ton in shops overall, thus buying them in bulk would be nearly impossible and not break the economy.


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Once parkours are fixed we will have another way to obtain them just so you know. Until then it's just trees and grinding lol

Hopefully when prestiges have rewards on the islands (such as purchasing items) we can implement blaze rods/powder.