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Hey guys, today I decided to make a chopping tutorial for all new people (especially because this server is very unique) and to hopefully get them to understand this well built aspect of the server! If you notice something I have missed feel free to comment down if I have missed anything, now, let's get to it!

To get to the chopping warp all you have to do is simply type /warp trees you will then get taken to this warp issued below.
2018-06-16_13.41.04.png 2018-06-16_13.41.02.png 2018-06-16_13.40.56.png 2018-06-16_13.40.52.png
As you can see, there are holograms which tell you what trees are in that direction. (This can be helpful considering you can't just warp to your tree!)
There are many trees you are able to chop, each giving you different drops and a different amount of exp (experience points) These experience points go to your level which I will further elaborate on further into this thread. Here is a picture of all the trees. I will then list what level you need to be to chop them.
2018-06-16_13.47.47.png 2018-06-16_13.48.34.png 2018-06-16_13.49.07.png 2018-06-16_13.49.09.png


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2018-06-16_13.49.44.png 2018-06-16_13.50.07.png 2018-06-16_13.50.51.png 2018-06-16_13.51.01.png 2018-06-16_13.51.48.png 2018-06-16_13.52.12.png
Please note my screenshot for glass trees is currently broken
Here are the requirements to chop each tree.
Fruit tree: 1
Willow: 5
Firey: 10
Dark: 17
Striped: 25
Melon: 34
Prismarine: 42
Glass: 50
Cactus: 60
Frozen: 70
Slime: 85

There are also special trees which may appear.
- Animal
- Bat
- Rocket
Animal and bat trees can be chopped normally but rocket trees require flint 'n steel to break it. To get flint 'n steel simply type /kit flintnsteel to get it!
Note that rocket trees are the most rare and animal trees are the most common!

To get levels for chopping you simply have to, well, chop trees! The exp increases the better the tree. However, special trees increase based on level. The higher the level the better the tree you can chop and the better the money you make.

Alas, that is the end of my 2-part thread! (had to do 2 parts due to picture limit) it is with my greatest pleasure to thank you for reading this and I hope it helps you out a lot.
See you in-game,
-Stynix / Wither / Widdles.​