Different voting system?

Hey everyone, so I noticed that currently when you vote, you receive a satchel along with tokens that can buy you a satchel. However, I believe that there is a better system that the server can use. I was thinking that whenever you voted, you would get one token, that would be worth like 10 cents in the ulmc shop.

By doing this, we would probably need to edit the shop to give the USD price, along with the token price.

I believe that this is a really good idea because if we did this, the server would definitely be higher in the voting list. Also, when we start to advertise, newcomers would vote for the server. This would result in us being on the top list for voting, and we could get new people without even advertising if we make this change. Thank you for reading this


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I've played on many servers that had this and honestly it's a cool idea. Helps to invalidate the pay-to-win arguments as well. Even in small amounts, if you voted regularly it would add up to be a nice option for the store.