Elevator Blocks, Events and more


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Hello, I just have a few suggestions that I would like to see added into the server.

Elevator Blocks: Elevator blocks would just be an easy way to lower or raise your y level. AN elevator block would be like an iron block or something that isn't used very often and you would place one down ad have another iron block either directly below or above it and you would shift while on the iron block to go down and jump to go up.

Warps that go straight to the mine: I dont know if this is just me but its really annoying travel like 100 blocks after i go to a warp just to go to the mine for example warp z takes way too long to get to the mine so just a simple warp called /warp zmine would work.

Kill Mr. Light event: I'm not sure if this a thing or not but it would be an event that involves pvp. Mr Light will go into warp pvp with an op set and an op sword (And maybe some gapples) and whoever can kill him will gets the set he is wearing as well as his head.

Raise ah price limit: if you didn't already know the highest price you an put something up for auction is around 2-3 billion and there is a lot of things worth more than that for example an op axe, so if the limit was raised to like 100 billion that would be cool.


Bank notes: Simple, do /withdraw (amount) to put that much money into a piece of paper. Right click the paper to redeem it. Useful for giveaways and casinos.
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Currently duels and shop prices are being worked on. The other idea's seem interesting. I know the pain of getting to mines in some of the warps. Signs would help out so much to just be able to click the sign and go straight to the warp.


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I know for a fact the Kill MrLight even has been done before and was quite fun. The elevator blocks would be a good idea to add. I also agree with the auction prices. Duels do need to be fixed.

+1 From me


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I'm all for Elevators, they can be restricted to ranks as well btw. Been on another server that didn't give access to use them on other people's claims unless they had a certain paid rank. And it's not an advantage, so can be included in shop for a rank.

Player shops are having limits set, but I can see the AUC being upped to at least 10bil.