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UHCs would be fun...

For anyone who doesn't know, UHC is a gamemode where you spawn in the wilderness (with a shrinking border) and attempt to gather supplies to fight the other players. The thing is though, is natural regeneration is disabled and so the only way to regenerate is through items such as golden apples.


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How would this work?
There will be an area with 2 castles. You got 2 teams, team red and blue. Once the game begins people have to place blocks in order to protect their castle. The castle has a block inside it. Once that block is broken the game is over. Also pvp will be enabled so you can protect your castle more. There will be 3 kits.

Kit 1: Defence
This kit will contain a iron sword and a set of chain armour.

Kit 2: Builder
This kit includes a set of leather armour (dyed based on the team color) a wooden sword a wooden pickaxe and a few blocks to place more defence during the game.

Kit 3: Rusher
This kit will have 1 diamond pickaxe, no armour and no sword.

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