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Clickd( If you would like to see my previous names go here----->
I currently love playing KitPVP
I Have Just Joined the community and I am opened to helping all
There are several reasons why I am applying for staff on the Unleashed MC server. Let’s start this off with talking about some skills that I have learned that would help me during my time being a staff member. I’m able to multitask perfectly fine, without messing up on any of the things I am doing, which helps when you are helping people in discord, and also moderating in-game. The reason I am good at doing so, I was previously staff on an HCF server which there are lots and lots of things that you have to concentrate on at the same time and over time you just get better and better at it. I’m able to keep a calm & serious voice during screen shares and communicating to show players that I mean business and they shouldn’t be joking around and shouldn’t be taking anything I say as a joke. I’m not bias in any way, and will be treating everyone the same, and will not bend the rules for anybody no matter if I like them or not, or if they have famous rank. they are in the community. I’m very open to criticism, such as if a higher staff member notices me not doing something correctly I would not get butt hurt and I’d listen up to do it better next time. I’m able to keep calm during every situation, and I am capable of calming down players, and possibly even staff members when the time comes for that. I don’t have any anger issues of any type which without a doubt prevent any rage-bans or making a bad impression on the staff team. I’m pretty good at memorizing rules, and I am also very good at thinking & and reacting fast, which will help in certain situations where acting fast is important. During screen shares I’m capable of keeping calm and most importantly not getting nervous, which helps me remember to check for the little things and not forget about them. For screen sharing I’d probably rate myself an 8/10 as I have conducted hundreds of them and have found many ghost clients in the process.There are tons and tons of players on which means there will be more cheaters, and more people that are breaking a rules, and the more staff that can be on during that period of time, the better. If I won’t be able to be on for as much as I stated I will be sure to let an admin know to avoid being demoted, as not telling an admin that I wouldn’t be active was my reason for demotion on Velt. The only play time exceptions would be during weekdays if I have an excessive amount of homework, or if I happen to be going out with the family. During being staff on Velt, even as a trial mod, higher staff approached me asking me what to do in certain situations, and to help them with screen shares that showed me obviously I was doing something well if a higher staff needs my help. I’ve always been super careful that I’m doing the right thing, and have always checked over the rules if I’m not fully sure that I’m doing the correct thing, as I know that if I mess something up it will result in a strike or demotion. I am also very ambitious and am dedicated to things I like to do, and set goals for myself so I can continue to do better and better. I am pretty sure that if anyone was to state one thing they did not like about Unleashed MC, they would say either the amount of toxicity, or the small amount of cheaters. Not only on Invaded, but in the whole community. Having first-hand experience fighting cheaters, It is not fun at all, and they just ruin the server for the legit players. I believe that the amount of cheaters that play this game definitely contribute to the amount of toxic people there are in this community, which brings to me another reason I am applying. My goal would be to lower down the ratio of cheaters to legit players, and make it so people can spend more time having fun than raging because they lost gear to a guy that isn’t playing legit. I will be spending a good time spectating someone that I believe is cheating, probably about 5-15 minutes, because I want to be almost 100% sure that they are cheating before I ban or screen share them, to avoid wasting my time, and their time. As my previous experience is from an HCF server, I’m used to having to do tons of things at once, such as moderating several servers at a time, and dealing with hundreds of support rooms per day. I am not lazy in any way, if I see that people being reported, I will get right to the job without any complaints. As being staff on Velt, I already have Discord, and I am experienced with it. If I have some sort of an issue with any other staff member, or just an issue in general, I will be sure to let a high admin/staff manager know about it instead of dealing with it myself. I’m not one of those guys that just applies to see how being staff then resigns, I’m going to be here for long term if I happen to get accepted, and would never even think about abusing. I am not the type of guy that goes around and server hops for staff. During these last few weeks, I did not have many servers that were fun for me to play, Unleashed MC has been one of the only servers that I played on, since I know that it will bring me some enjoyment and that I will not regret playing on it, without the risk of being false banned, or anything else that could happen that would end up wasting my time. Even though there are some things I do not like about the Minecraft community, such as the large amounts of ghost clients and toxicity that goes around for no apparent reason, I spent lots of time playing on here and it truly gave me enjoyment. Invaded Lands has always been a place where me and my friends came to play and overall just have some fun and mess around with each other. Being a staff member on any professional server is extremely fun, it brings you lots of memories, and bonds you with the server & lets you engage with the community more since people actually look up to you to do the right thing. I’ve always had great enthusiasm when it comes to things I like to do, and I always try to find places and things to put my great effort and enthusiasm in. I don’t usually apply for staff on many servers at all, and the reason I am applying here on this server is because it has brought me many memories and brought me joy when I most needed it, and I feel that I need to give back to the server for all the good things it has done for me. One of the other reasons I am applying, is that I see a potential in the server and I believe that it can turn into the next big thing, but that won’t happen without lots of work and effort, which is something that I’d be contributing. The way I was treated as a staff member on veltpvp was just super unprofessional, and the promotions were very biased. I have experienced many unique things on this server that I couldn’t possibly have experienced anywhere else, and I’m very grateful for that. Being accepted on here would truly be a dream for me, and would use it as a one-time opportunity, and try my best to contribute my part to the server.
I think i am a good fir because i have had experience on other servers which will help me shine in this position.
Most of my staffing experience came from being staff on VeltPvP. My first time being staff on this server I learned all the basics of being a staff member, such as screen sharing, multitasking, memorizing rules, treating players, and other staff members with respect, and much more. I kept pushing myself to learn the more advanced so I’d always know what to do in pretty much every situation and would be able to act fast without having to look back at a handbook or question myself about what I’m doing. Pushing myself to do better is something that is really important to me, and I have developed many skills that most people do not have from doing so. Some examples would be keeping players and staff calm in stressful situations, knowing how to handle different types of people, problems, and even events, but I’ll get into more of that in the following sections.
Up to 2 hours a day maybe more And Up to 3 On the weekend


Mr. Withy
Duuuude... You just joined! Before applying, you should get to know the server a bit more, by playing on it for a month or two, and please, post more on forums. Just registering and your first post being an application... For me, it raises the "staff-wannabe" alert.

Now, while reading through your app, I found some stuff: You say you enjoy KitPVP on our server... but that thing isn't out yet...? I also found some inconsistencies while reading the app, implying you have copied it from somewhere else. I can provide proof of that.

One last thing, for the reasons that make you want to apply for staff, can you please split it up into paragraphs? It's easier on the eyes, and I assure you, readers will be more encouraged to read a block of text in paragraphs, instead of just one giant chunk.

(ps. I bet you think I am joking with the stuff I say up top... when the server is empty. But tbh that's the only way you can get to know the server, meaning actually play on it for a bit, not just come straight to forums and apply.)

I shall decline the application, since you should get some more experience on the server, and lack of effort, attributed to your attempt of copying an application from some other server.

Sincerely, FishingPole [Moderator]​
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