ideas for prestige islands


Gone Fishin Girl
So.. I'm working with @Zeppelin on coming up with ideas for each prestige island. I know there has been much discussion on it but I really feel that if we want to start advertising soon we should work on making prestiges more beneficial. I will start listing some ideas for the islands and others can feel free to comment any suggestions under this thread.

Prestige 1 Island

Flowers/Flower Mine

Prestige 2 Island

Hay Bales

Prestige 3 Island

Prestige 4 Island
Purpur Blocks

Prestige 5 Island
Sea Lanterns

Okay so this is what i have so far... there is so many diff prestiges now it makes it a bit difficult in determining what is best for each island.

Please feel free to add your input below... It would help speed up the process.

Also this will also give players an incentive to prestige and a way to spend their money on more than just ranking up.