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    As you may know, net neutrality is a vital part of telecommunications regulation in America and many countries around the world. Unfortunately, ISPs and telcos alike target and lobby to have net neutrality gimped or axed altogether, despite what their PR teams may try to tell you.

    What is net neutrality? Simply put, it makes it illegal for your internet service provider to throttle or censor websites, or force you to pay for access. ISPs are not fans of this, as it prevents them from charging their customers even more than they already do. For those of you that are unaware, cable and internet package prices in America have grown at a rate 4x that of inflation, which is absolutely sickening. Despite these historic rate hikes, many Americans still do not have access to truly high speed (100+ Mbps) despite the infrastructure being in place to do so. This is due largely in part to regional monopolies and lack of competition. Some ISPs are even placing data caps on customers in order to suck more money out of them. For those of you that are unaware, high data usage literally costs your ISP $00.00. Any fees that they collect are pure profit.

    With the election of Donald Trump to office also came the appointment of Ajit Pai to the position as commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC oversees ISP, telco, and other communications regulation. Pai is a former lawyer and lobbyist for Verizon Communications, which has been staunchly against net neutrality from the start. Even though Pai is no longer employed by Verizon, he still remains loyal to their ideals and their anti-consumer crusade.

    As an internet-based organization, we are strongly in support of net neutrality, seeing as it keeps our business model intact and minimizes costs. Gutting net neutrality could result in throttling of our network and services, and would likely make it unfeasible to operate without large sums of money. It could also cost you, as your ISP could be allowed to force you to pay for access to our content and services.

    Organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight for the Future, and ACLU are fighting hard for net neutrality, and we support this fight. We strongly encourage you too, as your voice is important to this movement.

    Please support these organizations via submitting comments or via donations. It is vital for the future of the internet, and it is sad that we are having to fight this fight again.

    You can tell FCC Chairman Pai your thoughts via the FCC's commenting system. Please see here for more information:

    Thank you for reading and apologies for the off-topic post, but this is a big issue and directly affects us and you.
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    Yes!!! Thanks stealth for sharing this message. Strongly encourage anyone to become part of the protest against this sickening future of the internet.
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    Thanks for all the links as well Stealth!
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    To anyone in the UK, Our PM (Theresa May), has a plan to cripple and regulate the internet. She wants to do this to protect from terrorists.. She's using the recent terrorist attacks to push her agenda.

    What this means:
    GitHub and other websites like it where people share code will be banned.

    All "secure software" will be banned, this includes the popular messaging app whatsapp.

    Search engines will give you restricted access to the internet on certain topics aka no freedom there.

    Hundreds of thousands of people will have access to what you're looking at online!!

    And the most bizarre, visitors to the uk will have to hand over their smartphones and will recieve them when they leave the country..

    Terror attacks are bad, we need to stop them but I honestly don't think that restricting people's internet freedom will stop them. They're gonna find ways. People always will.

    Police the people, not the tool.
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    Corbyn for life.
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    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety," and will loose both. -Ben
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    Well Im australian so im good
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    Signed it and Just got an email (probably automated but least it had my name) from my local congressman. I feel weird now
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    Sounds a bit like hell