Is this server still active?

Still nothing.. I'm starting to lose hope
Hey... It'll be alright. I'm just visiting for the first time after about a year and I'm just realising it might be coming up. We've waited ages, we can wait a little more. Until then, we have something to look forward to!
~Effybear (Now Eravin)


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It is, and I'm sorry for keeping everyone waiting.

I've spent the last day fixing issues that prevented our devs from working. We are now finally able to commit and collaborate on code after a very long and drawn out hiatus.

Expect things to be moving rapidly from here on.


Like I had said two weeks ago 10 weeks at most. No fake promises just me being brutally honest. Brendan has been busy as we all know. But in recent days we have made much progress overall. You will be seeing changes coming soon and I can finally stop answering this question ;)


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I was very unoffensive unintentionally on the discord server a couple of months back and was banned, i was wondering that if i am not banned on the *actual* server that someone would message me when the server is up or if i am banned and can stop false hope, my discord is AceDub#4363, thanks.


1:You were offensive unintentionally.* (Or at least that is what you say form your perspective.)
2:If you are curious about release date then you will clearly be updated on this very forum.


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Glad to see it actually being worked on, hopefully it is like the old ULMC (2.0) New additions would be good but not as charismatic like the good old ULMC.