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Hello everyone,

If you are reading this then you must want to know a little about myself. Well I'm glad you want to know about me so ill tell you a little(well alot) about myself.
As I was little as far back as I can remember (shocking I know) I was raised by my loving and caring grandma and grandpa till 2001. After trying to woke up my dead grandpa (my he R.I.P) I was forced to live with my mom and dad. My dad was a alcoholic at the time and my mom was a bar tender (great combo their I know) and we didn't like each other cause i was the unplanned child thus why my grandma and grandpa raised me so we butted heads all the time even got into fist fights at times. Well after years of getting mistreated and belittled I couldn't take it anymore and ran away from home. Well long and behold a couple weeks went by and the cops picked me up from school on the following monday and brought me back to the one place I tired getting away from. Shit hit the fan after the cops left and my mom popped off and said "nobody loves you cause your unplanned" witch caused more problems and they filed for emancipation and it got passed and they kicked me out of the streets at the age of 15. So here I am Homeless and no where to go, so I ended up going and getting a tent and found a nice tree line just outside the city limits and made me a nice little fire and set up camp. Hunted my food, cooked and ate it, was a happy little camper right? Wrong I hated it that it seemed like everyone I got close to always pushed me away no matter how nice I was to them. Well their I was alone and cold and knew school was getting ready to start back up and so I would need to go sign up for school. So I checked daily till i could sign myself up, when the day came I went in and tried signing up and got told i need a parent to be their with me after I told them what went down they let me in anyways. After I got my diploma, I went into the U.S.M.C for computer tech and did that for a little bit. While I was in their I found out that I have all forms of dyslexia witch was impressive that I could do my job even with a reading and writing mental problem. So years pass and I find myself bored doing the same stuff everyday so I wanted to do something with my skills and creativeness and so I hear about this game that alot of people are playing called mine craft. I did some looken into it and try it out thought it was fun and have been playing it ever since alpha. When I found out that people can have their own servers i started to make one myself worked on maken a couple plugins for others and myself and found that I was happy again. Well months went by and i wasn't getting a good player base so I shut it down and looked for another server to join found some that I liked and some that I disliked, then came across this server and fell in love with the chopping part of it. So did that for a bit and met some great people while playing and then the server went down and so I waited and waited and noticed it would be back up for awhile so I went about and went to the bars almost everyday and met up with one of my ex's from high school and we started dating again. We was on and off till she came to me one day and she was pregnant(not mine btw) and so like any man would do I took the role as father and so 2 weeks before the due date she tells me that she needs to take time away from me and give birth to "our" child, witch upset me cause I wanted to know why she didn't want me to be their for her and the child every step of the way. Found out that the reason why is cause he family didn't like me due to her going back to them every time we broke up and she didn't want her dad and I to get into it and that day witch made seance so I agreed to it. Well once i found out it was a baby girl I cried tears of joy and couldn't wait to hold her in my arms. So I tired getting in contact with her shortly after she gave birth and she wouldn't respond to any of my text messages, calls, emails, and letters, 2 years goes by and she comes to my house with this little girl and i just drop to my knees and pick up this child and start crying, I tell them to come in and make them self's at home and we started dating again. Six months pass and I found out that she been cheating on me again and when I brought it up to her she just ended up packing up and leaving again after I told her I don't mind i just want to be there for the child I don't want to see a child grow up without a father like I did witch she didn't listen and leaves me heart broken and upset. So i try hanging myself and it didn't work so I ended up cutting myself. A couple of my buddies found me laying their bleeding out on the floor and took me to the hospital after talking to them and them running some test they told me that I have bipolar depression and manic depression witch makes me want to kill myself and they give me pills for it. So I go back home clean up my dumb ass mess I made and try an go about a normal life. After awhile I randomly checked up on my settlement money that i had awhile back ago and find out that it would get mailed to me. Once i got that check I went and cashed it in and moved to a little bit bigger house. I order 60k worth of computer parts/battery's/ solar panels and started cryptocurrency mining. One day I was asked about the mine craft server I use to play on and I go to see if it was back up and going well I seen that it was up and going and so I took a junk pc and tossed in a gpu and started playing again. Been playing for 12 days now and thought I would give you all a update on my life and the problems that come with me. Sorry that I get hateful at people that show hate towards me but you try growing up dealing with everyone hating you just cause you was born it sucks but calling me names such as "Toxic,Toxic player, jerk" doesn't help my depression all you all are doing is maken me want to try and end my life again so thanks for that btw. And some of you might see this as a plea for help and its not. this is just me telling you all a little about myself. I just wished everyone would follow the rules and not harass others just cause how they play the game I mean its just a game and yes I know some of you toss the use common sense rule in my face but imo that rule is a confusing and a picky one cause everyone's mind set is different so what might seem ok to a few players it isn't for others cause they didn't think of it 1st bla bla bla. So hopefully that gets talked about soon. But I think this a good for now if your still reading this and want to know more and I'm still around send me a pm or if you see me on say what's up or how ever you want to greet yourself. Just don't call me any other name other then master, jew ,masterxjew90, or what ever my nick at the given time and remember to have fun and be nice to other and treat them as they treat you as long as you follow the rules.