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Hi guys, some of you guys already know but, when I had 3 plots merged in a L shape I wanted to remove one of the 3. So I used the command /plot unmerge on the plot part I wanted to delete and then I did /delete. Somehow this deleted all 3 of my plots. So all the stuff and time put into it is all gone. I'm making this tread for staff to gain proofs for a possibility to get the most important stuff from my plot refunded. I will note the most important things down here:

1: About 2,5 stacks of slime blocks (Used for my pathway to the door)
2: 1 set of OP armour (exclusive the sword)

3: 1 OP pickaxe and 1 OP bow
4: About 3 full sets of special armour (with 2 swords and 1 bow)
5: 2 full sets of glorious armour and 1 glorious pickaxe

(people like @denniscool9 or @MrLight saw the pathway of slime)
(@johnyestaloca can proof the most of the armour part since he made a Armour Safe for me)

Those 5 things are the most important things on my plot which I can remember.

I searched my whole pc for an hour to see if I still had any screenshots but I sadly couldn't find any.

Friendly Greetings Mv.
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Sadly we cannot refund anything, nor rollback. It was a player error so there's really nothing we can do. However I can personally give you some things when I see you next. I just don't have most.


Yes but the staff discussed it and there's nothing we can do for you besides give you some of our own things if we want to.


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I told Mv to make this thread. I figured seeing as this WAS an issue with the plugin (The plots were un-merged before he tried to delete a single one of them, if someone can check that through the logs), we would be able to refund items with sufficient proof from staff that he had the items.

Unless logs show that they were not un-merged before trying to clear one, I don't see why we wouldn't refund the items, given that we have reason to believe they existed in the first place.

- Choccy