New Prefix?


Lucas of the Cherries
I believe we already have a youtube and streamer prefixes however they haven't been used in years- they don't have much benefits but they do exist, there were set criteria for reaching the ranks but I don't recall what they were exactly. As Kristy says when we grow some more it could be a good idea to bring those back :)


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The requirements were very high iirc. Like you needed over 2k subs on YT. As a twitch streamer with 'only' 235 followers, I feel ulmc def needs to lower the requirements. I mean streamers will stream for you anyway, but we streamers would like people to know we stream for you. Even a simple YT or TW tag would be a nice acknowledgment.


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well i did have the youtube tag back in the day but i didnt have 2k subs so dont know how i got it then and as far as TW i streamed a couple days ago and had 50+ viewers but none of them followed me so ya i think it should be lower it too