ULMC Rewrite 4.0

Maxwell Olmen

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'Sup everybody, it's me back at it to bring some sick news to y'all.

Unless you're living under a rock you've probably already heard about this in the Discord and from other members, but just in case I'll make a bit of a post about it here, for newbies and forum-stalkers.

Effective August 17th, ULMC is re-releasing with better functionality and more features- this means less is broken, and more is fun. Many new features are yet to come, and some are releasing on this date! Weekly updates are definitely expected as well, having even more new features released in succession each Friday.

What's new this time around?
  • New fishing mechanics
  • Special fishing rods
  • MANY plugins are once again functional
  • Spleef dueling
  • Weekly FFA spleef events
  • A balanced economy... we hope.
  • Special mining drops
  • 30% off of store prices, starting on the day of the re-release
What do you need to know going into the re-release?
  • Balances will be deflated to 10% of their original value
  • Prison ranks will be reset and money will be given out accordingly
  • Player vaults and Skills will NOT be reset, including mining stats
  • You'll actually have a reason to mine. Seriously!
What's yet to come?
  • Reimagined prestige perks
  • Tool/Armor crafting
  • UHC Survival (next Friday!)
Thanks for sticking around so long, and hopefully these updates and the updates to come are worth the wait. It's been a long time coming this time around, as mostly the entire codebase has been rewritten to better serve players as whole. After going offline and dead silent for over a year, transferring ownership, and spending several months on programming, we're looking toward a bright future.

Maxwell Olmen